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Information: Azorean bathing areas distinguished with 39 Blue Flags in 2019
The Regional Director for Sea Affairs stated that "a record number of coastal bathing areas in the Azores were distinguished this year with 39 Blue Flags under the Blue Flag international programme, representing five more than in 2018." Filipe Porteiro mentioned that Blue Flags are distributed by the following islands: Pico with two flags, Santa Maria and Faial, each with four flags, Terceira with... more >>

Information: Assessment of environmental status of cetaceans, turtles and seabirds in the Azores under public consultation until February 22
The report produced under the European MISTIC SEAS II project on the environmental status of cetaceans, birds and sea turtles in Macaronesia, designated as Macaronesian Roof Report, is under public consultation until February 22. This document contains a description of the species and criteria assessed in the Azores, Madeira and the Canaries as well as the compilation of the results obtained durin... more >>

Information: Azores committed to creating protected marine area for cetaceans, says Regional Director for Sea Affairs
The Regional Director for Sea Affairs stated in Martinique that the Azores "are committed" to creating a protected marine area "specifically dedicated to the protection of cetaceans and other elements of the migratory pelagic megafauna that are found in the Region's waters seasonally." Filipe Porteiro stated that this protected marine area will be created "under the largest conservation project ev... more >>

Information: Azorean bathing waters under public consultation until January 31
The list containing the bathing waters to be identified in the Azores in 2019 is under public consultation until January 31. This public consultation arises under the regional legislation and aims to provide citizens with the opportunity to express their opinions, suggestions, complaints and comments on this matter. Next year's proposal expects to maintain the seventy coastal bathing areas identif... more >>

Information: SOS Cory's Shearwater campaign contributes to study the impact of marine litter on birds, says Regional Director for Sea Affairs
The Regional Director for Sea Affairs stated in Horta that the SOS Cory's Shearwater campaign is an opportunity to "maximise the research towards results to support decision-making in public policies for nature conservation." In this regard, Felipe Porteiro pointed out that all juvenile specimens that are found lifeless and "in good condition are preserved to be used in subsequent research," which... more >>

Information: Regional Directorate for Sea Affairs prepares 2019 bathing season
The Regional Directorate for Sea Affairs held the fourth regional meeting on coastal bathing areas in Lagoa, S. Miguel Island, with the aim of assessing this year's bathing season and prepare the upcoming 2019 season, special emphasis will be given to the environmental education programme designated as "Blue Flag." The promotion of public health, well-being and accessibility for people with reduce... more >>

Information: Scientific community has been fundamental in defining and implementing marine conservation policies, defends Regional Director for Sea Affairs
The Regional Director for Sea Affairs stated in Ponta Delgada that, despite the existing scientific knowledge about the Azores, "there is still much more to be discovered," stressing that "new discoveries are made in all scientific campaigns." As example, Filipe Porteiro pointed out "the recent discovery" of the hydrothermal vent designated as "LUSO" on "Gigante" seamount by the oceanographic expe... more >>

Information: "Mobile SOS Cory's Shearwater" and "Golden Cory's Shearwater" are new features in the rescue campaign for the Azores' most emblematic seabird
The Regional Director for Sea Affairs highlighted in Horta the "novelties" of this year's SOS Cory's Shearwater campaign, namely the "Mobile SOS Cory's Shearwater," a beta version of a form that can be accessed on a smartphone, and the delivery of the "Golden Cory's Shearwater" prize. Filipe Porteiro spoke Thursday on the sidelines of a gathering on SOS Cory's Shearwater campaign, an initiative o... more >>

Information: Regional Directorate for Sea Affairs raises awareness of participants in Sea Week nautical festival for the problem of marine litter
The Regional Director for Sea Affairs stated in Horta that the Government of the Azores intends to be "an active partner in the fight against the global scourge of marine litter." According to Filipe Porteiro, the awareness of populations, "especially among younger generations," for this problem is "fundamental to change behaviours and to reverse the course of the problem." The regional Director s... more >>

Information: "Azores Between Seas 2018" campaign promotes literacy on the oceans throughout the archipelago
The "Azores Between Seas 2018" campaign, organised by the Regional Directorate for Sea Affairs, starts on the European Maritime Day, May 20, on all islands of the archipelago and runs until June 8, World Oceans Day. This year' edition will be dedicated to the theme "Zero Waste in the Azores Sea." This initiative takes place every year in the Region and is already in its ninth edition. It intends t... more >>

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