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Frederico Cardigos

 Frederico Abecasis David Cardigos

Born on: 10/3/1970

Frederico Cardigos majored in Marine Biology and Fisheries (University of the Algarve) and obtained his Master degree in Conservation and Management of Nature (University of the Azores).

Cardigos was Regional Director for the Environment in the X Regional Government up to September 2010 and is currently the Regional Directorate for Sea Affairs.


Degree in Marine Biology and Fishing, issued by the Algarve University with a final classification of Sufficient and a Master's Degree in Nature Management and Conservation, issued by the University of the Azores with the classification of Very Good.

Licenses and Courses:

Driver's license for groups A and B, diving license with self-contained diving gear, nautical sports (commercial ocean yachtmaster) license and hyperbaric chamber operating license. He attended twelve courses and seminars in the area of scientific investigation, information system operation and diving with self-contained diving gear.
Scientific activity: He is Assistant Researcher and has been working since 1994 at the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries (DOP) and at the Sea Institute Centre at the University of the Azores. He is involved in projects financed by the European Union, the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology and the Regional Government of the Azores. During his work, he studied subjects related to low and high depth hydrothermal sources, marine species introduced, marine environment characterisation (from obtaining bathymetric data to describing habitats), nature conservation, marine instrumentation and animal behaviour. Over these twelve years, he worked with different groups of marine species including fish, cephalopods and other invertebrates, seaweed, sea tortoises, cetaceans and seabirds. He participated in dozens of scientific congresses and business meetings. He directed many marine scientific expeditions.

Scientific publications:

He was author and co-author of 14 published articles and 42 technical/scientific reports, scientific posters and summaries of communiqués presented in congresses.
Technical activity: He organised and maintained the image and multimedia nucleus of the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries, ImagDOP, and created a more dynamic internal information Internet page, IntraDOP, and the tourist diving database in the Azores, ScubAzores. He collaborated in different pedagogical initiatives of the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries, including undergraduate classes in Marine Biology, the Observation Program for the Fisheries of the Azores and summer courses. He worked in the editorial secretariat of the scientific magazine Arquipélago. At the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries, he also did technical work in bioacoustics, fish biology and underwater tourism.

Other activities:

He worked intensely in scientific promotion and marine environment education and has published over 70 articles in this area and written 15 television scripts. He was a judge at contests related to the environment. He gave several seminars related to the marine environment in the Azores. He took underwater photographs and published them in books, magazines, newspapers and others. He was considered one of the "One Hundred Famous Divers in Portugal" by the magazine on underwater activities, Mundo Submerso. He participated in the organisation of different projects considered highly interesting for the Autonomous Region of the Azores such as the Pavilion of the Azores at Expo98 and the International Congress on European Maritime Policies and Regions. He is a member of the Biologists' Association, associate director of the Algarve University and works with environmental organisations (Sea Observatory of the Azores and Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds) and the Horta Naval Club (HNC). He was also director at the Sea Observatory of the Azores and the HNC. He worked in the social bodies of cultural institutes of Faial (Friends of the Horta Conservatory, Hortaludos E.M. and IAIC Cooperative) and is a member of the Cultural Advisory Council of Horta municipality.

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