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Horta ,  November 29, 2011

"Support to companies and families is only possible due to good governance of the Azores," said Vasco Cordeiro

The support to companies and families, an intense promotion in the Region's export capacity and the consolidation of the internal market are the main priorities of the Regional Secretariat for the Economy during the implementation of the Investment Plan for 2012, stated the Regional Secretary for the Economy, Vasco Cordeiro, in Horta today.

According to him, in a year which will be marked by financial instability both nationally and internationally, "it is important that the Azoreans know that we are on their side and, above all, we will leave no one behind." "We are here to mobilise resources, create new policies and measures, doing everything so that no one will be left behind," assured the government official.

"Regarding companies, the Investment Plan for 2012 estimates, for example, an increase over 16% in the funds allocated for the promotion of Azorean products abroad. As these support measures include transportation support, which can go up to 90%, this a clear measure to strengthen the export capacity of our Region."

On the other hand, he added, "the funds for the Incentive Scheme for Entrepreneurship will be also reinforced, reaching 2.5 million Euros by next year. After the reform of this incentive scheme, more than 70 applications have been submitted, representing a potential private investment over 11 million Euros."

The Regional Secretary for the Economy also reminded that "a proposal to reform the industrial licensing system" will be soon discussed at the Parliament. In this case "we intend to reduce the deadline for analysing requests, simply procedures and speed up the implementation of these investments. In short, reducing the so-called context costs, make life easier for our companies and, thus, enhance job creation and wealth generation," he said.

With regard to air transport, Vasco Cordeiro noted that this is an area "where the region has also carried out a good work, though I suspect that someone out there in the Government of the Republic does not want to notice as someone here is trying to leave it unnoticed."

In this context, he added, "the response given by the Ministry of Economy to the request submitted by parliament members of PSD/Açores at the National Parliament is at least biased, saying that it is unaware of any proposal for the Review of Public Service Obligations in the flight connections between the Azores and Mainland Portugal."

"As we all know, the truth is that the Government of the Azores, from August 18, conveyed to the Government of the Republic the intention to review these obligations between Mainland Portugal and the Azores, said the Regional Secretary. He recalled that "it was agreed at the meeting between me and the Minister of Economy and Employment that, taking into account the work already carried out by the Regional Government, the Government of the Republic would appoint a interlocutor  in order to reach a satisfactory solution for both parties."

In this context, the Government of the Azores "aims to improve accessibilities to Mainland Portugal and lower air fares. Bearing in mind the work we have carried out, we believe that this goal is feasible without increasing the National Government of expenditure in Public Service Obligation compensations, which is another example, in addition to many others, of the Regional Government's solidarity towards the Government of the Republic in containing public expenditure," added the government official.

"The qualification of our offer and our tourism products" is another governmental priority as evidenced by the launch of public works such "the construction of the marina at the Graciosa Port, whose public call for tenders will be launched during the current legislative period; the support to the private project to reactivate the work of Varadouro Thermal Baths on the island of Faial; the Passenger Terminal works in Madalena do Pico; the completion of the 1st phase of the renewal works of Horta Seafront or the construction of roll-on/roll-off ramps on the islands covered by maritime passenger transport.

In this case, said the government official, "the construction of these ramps is not limited to the seasonal passenger transport operations, being an investment with a truly strategic nature for the construction of an internal market in our Region." "This is another measure to be included in the political heritage of the Governments led by the Socialist Party," stated the government official.

For Vasco Cordeiro, "discouragement sometimes seems to settle whenever the proportion of the challenges seems to frighten the most fearless and courageous in a difficult and complex context. Families fear for the future and companies come to question whether they will have a future and, in this context, it is important that the Azoreans know that they can continue to count on us."

"Whether a company, a family, an association or a simple Azorean, we will be here mobilising resources, creating new policies and measures, doing everything so that no one is left behind, the Regional Secretary stated , stressing that "the Government is not dealing with esoteric matters, but with families and companies struggling to survive."

"The Government is unquestionably on the side of Azorean families and companies," said Vasco Cordeiro.


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