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Interjovem Card

The Interjovem Card is an initiative of the Government of the Azores that aims to promote the mobility and the youthful tourism in the islands of the Azores.

Entity that gives the service
Identification of the entity (link for Token Entity)
Regional Directorate of Youth (


Young people with ages between the 13 and 30 years of age to the date of acquisition of the Card.
The young people with inferior age to 16 years old can only travel when accompanied by the holders of the paternal power, or for person with authorization of the parents for the effect.

Requisites for giving the service
The Interjovem Card is personal and untransferable and valid, only, when accompanied by document of identification of the youngster.

When to do the Card
The Interjovem Card can be acquired between the 1st of May of 2008 and the 30th of April of 2009.

The card is acquired by the value of 48 €.

Medium time of realization
Valid up to the 30th of April of 2009.

Where to address
The Interjovem Card can be acquired in:
- Net of Balconies Banif Azores;
- Service posts of the RIAC;
- Travel agencies.

For more information on the Interjovem Card:
- Service posts to the Citizen of the RIAC – Integrated Net of Support to the Citizen;
- Regional Directorate of Youth
- Regional Network of Youthful Information – Posts of Youthful Information

Observations / Exceptions
- Only the cards sold in the Net of Balconies of the Banif Azores have function of debit card.

Advantages of the Interjovem Card:
- Discount of 20% in the Youth Hostels;
- Free admission in the Regional Network of Museums;
- Discounts in the adherent shops (;
- Discounts in: Municipal Swimming Pools of Lagoa, Municipal Swimming Pools of Ribeira Grande and Park of Aquatic Amusements;
- Free admission in the Festival Maré de Agosto;
- Discount of 30% in the Festival Azure.

In case of loss of the Card:
- In case of loss of the Interjovem Card with function of debit card, the client will have to, immediately, inform the fact to the Bank and ask for the cancellation of the Card, contacting an Agency or through the Line Banif Azores 808 202 200 (weekdays from 7:00 to 21:00) or of the line of the SIBS 21 840 90 42.

The Regional Directorate of Youth doesn’t take responsibility for the loss of the Interjovem Card.
In case of loss, all the responsibilities that result from the acquisition of a new Interjovem Card are of the responsibility of its holder.

On the boats of the Atlanticoline:
- The Interjovem Card gives to its holder the possibility of traveling, without limits, through the islands of the Azores with passenger's ticket, in tourist class, in equality of circumstance with other passengers, in the period understood between the beginning of the operation and the 30th of September of 2008.

- In the periods of the Semana do Mar, Maré de Agosto, Rally of Santa Maria and Festivities of Flores, the holders of the Interjovem Card can only acquire the ticket 5 days before the departure.
The shipping line can spread out the term, whenever it is justified.
- The passengers who are bearers of the Interjovem Card will pay for each one-way ticket or turn, to a set destination, the amount of 1 €.

On the boats of the Transmaçor:
- The Interjovem Card gives to its holder the possibility to tour the islands of the Azores in the period comprehended between the beginning of the operation and the 30th of September of 2008;
- The passengers that have the Interjovem Card will pay for each one-way ticket or turn to a set destination the amount of 1€ (with the exception of the travels between Horta/Madalena and Madalena/Horta);
- The tickets will only be able to be acquired on the day of the pretended travel;
- In the corresponding periods to the Semana do Mar, Cultural Week of Velas, Cais de Agosto, Sanjoaninhas, Festivities of Praia da Vitória, Festivities of Madalena do Pico, the passenger's tickets will be able to be acquired only 2 (two) hours before the departure of the boat.

Discounts in the adherent shops:
- Equipo, Lda. – 20% of discount in the purchase of accessories of the brand Honda;
- Portela & Ca. Lda. – 10% of discount in all the articles, in the shops Sapataria Estoril, Estoril Desporto, Estoril Fashion (except in the period of sales and promotions);
- Coliseum Club – 10% of discount in the drinks;
- Jamé Artigos de desporto Lda. – 5% in all the articles, except in the time of sales and promotions;
- Atlântico Vila S.A.;
- 5% of discount in the restaurant Praia Café and bars Praias da Vila;
- 10% of discount in entries for the Park of Aquatic Amusements;
- 5% of discount in the walks Whale Watching “Terra Azul”;
- Socorama – Castello Lopes, Cinemas S.A. – It grants the same conditions as the Young-card;
- Globaleda, telecomunicações e Sistemas de Informação S.A. – 5% of discount in the products Vodafone and, in the periods of promotion and depending on the stock of Vodafone cards for offer, to reserve a number of these cards for the users of the Interjovem Card;
- Driving School Ilha Verde – discounts * in the driver's licenses in the categories of light ones and motorcycles, more specifically of 20% in the 3rd delivery, in the category of light ones; and of 20% in the 2nd delivery, in the category of motorcycles. (* These values include inscription, documentation, contract and taxes of examination. It doesn’t include the repetitions of examination or the medical certificate).

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