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The Land Parcel Identification System (SIP) was established under the Integrated Management and Control System (SIG-C) in conformity with Regulation nos. 3887/92 and 3508/92.

It was implemented because the country as a whole did not have a rural land register nor was there a national unique register system for rural properties.

The motor behind the creation of the Land Parcel ID System was to assign a unique number to each agricultural holding (parcel/property/group of parcels and/or properties) in order to permit the geographical referencing of agricultural holdings in a unified manner so as to create an effective instrument in the correct allocation of Community aid.

Documents necessary for iSIP assistance, according to applicant type and parcel ownership.

When the owner in person applies for alterations at the place of public information service:
National ID card.
Taxpayer's card.
To effect an update in the capacity of the head of the household of an iSIP applicant:
National ID card.
Taxpayer's card.
Legitimate notarised certificate of head of household status or legal certificate with appointment as head of household.
To effect an update in the capacity of representative of a corporation:
National ID card of the legal representative
Legal person's card.
Certificate of the Company Registry Office or minutes of the General Meeting stating the assignment of powers for the act.
Add a parcel already identified in P1 or insert a new parcel:
Documents proving ownership or the right to farm the parcels.
If the owner: extract of the land register/certificate of property registration issued by the Tax Administration; deed of ownership declaring the transmission of the property (e.g. purchase and sale deed, deed of donation or division of inheritance; will; etc.); or any other equivalent documents.
If tenant farmer: lease contract or equivalent document.
In the event of assignment: declaration of assignment or equivalent document.



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