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Ponta Delgada ,  June 01, 2020

"It is time to roll up our sleeves and, once again, put the Region back on its feet," says Vasco Cordeiro

The President of the Government stated today that it is to "roll up our sleeves" and, once again, put the Region shaken by the COVID-19 crisis back on its feet, considering that the Agenda for the Economic and Social Recovery of the Azores intends to "guide this path of construction" of the renovated Azores.

"It does not frighten us, nor does it make us lose perspective of the task that is still ahead of us. It enthuses and stimulates to seize the opportunity that this task brings. It is an opportunity to correct, to improve and to change what this pandemic has shown that it is necessary to correct, improve and change," said Vasco Cordeiro.

At the session marking the Day of the Autonomous Region of the Azores, held in Horta, Ponta Delgada and Angra do Heroísmo, the President of the Government stated that this reconstruction process is already under way, together with social partners and political parties. This goal will be accomplished through the Agenda for the Economic and Social Recovery of the Azores, which is nearing completion, but which does not conclude the task of what needs to be done.

"It is an opportunity to rethink how, in areas as diverse as Health, Energy, Transport or Education, we are organised, we are working or which goals we have for the future.
It is an opportunity to rethink our Tourism, our Economy, and, in particular, the tools we use and the ambitions we have in these areas.

It is an opportunity to rethink so many areas of our collective experience that this pandemic has also shown to be too fragile, too dependent or too closed," said Vasco Cordeiro.

In this effort of rethinking, “almost from top to bottom,” the way the Azores are positioned with regard to their goals in the areas of Economy, Society or the Environment, the President of the Government called Azorean Youth to “participate, question and propose, but, above all, to also ensure that in the future, which is, increasingly, their Present, the Azores are ever more aware and better prepared to overcome these challenges.”

"It is now time to roll up our sleeves and, once again, put the Region that has been deeply shaken by a global crisis back on its feet, even though its repercussions are yet to be fully known," defended Vasco Cordeiro. According to him, the COVID-19 pandemic was similar to an "earthquake that, without warning, shook the foundations of a Region that had been following the path towards progress and the economic and social development of all islands.

"In just over three months, much of the Region's recovery effort after the unprecedented external crisis that has hit us in recent years has been jeopardised," said the President of the Government.

Vasco Cordeiro recalled that, just over three months ago, the Region was preparing for another peak period of the tourism season, motivated by the best year ever recorded in 2019, after breaking the record of over three million overnight stays and over 100 million euros generated in traditional hospitality.

"We also started this year with great confidence from the private business sector, suffice it to mention that more than 500 new companies were created in the Region in 2019. As for the private investment incentive systems, more than 1,300 applications had already been submitted, corresponding to an investment of 635 million Euros, with prospects for the creation of about 3,200 jobs," said Vasco Cordeiro.

"In turn, 2019 registered not only the lowest figure of unemployment, but also the highest figure of employment and the highest figure in terms of working population since there are records," recalled the President of the Government. With regard to Fisheries, the value of unloaded fish reached almost 34 million Euros, with the average auction price exceeding four Euros per kilo, bringing significant gains for fishers.

"The confidence in the agricultural sector had been reinforced, despite the challenges it faces from the fair valuation of quality raw material, such as milk. In this regard, it is important to mention that almost 850 applications had already been approved for the modernisation of farms under the current Community framework, an overall investment of about 86 million Euros, or that, in the same period, around 240 young farmers entered the sector," said the President of the Government.

 "These are some examples of the consistent path we have been following in the context of an economic and social normality that has suddenly been suspended," noted Vasco Cordeiro. Nevertheless, "it is not the time to lose courage or to hesitate," but rather the time to cooperate and join efforts between public and private entities in the Region.


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