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Ponta Delgada Public Library and Regional Archives

Regional archives and public libraries are responsible for:
a) Fostering the implementation of regional archive and library-economic policy in accordance with the guidelines of the Regional Directorate for Culture;
b) Incorporating the documentation of central, regional and local government and other entities, as described in law;
c) Guaranteeing the processing, upkeep and diffusion of the documents under its care;
d) Providing technical and logistic support to the libraries of the public reading network;
e) Coordinating access to its collections and pursue concrete preservation strategies, namely in fostering the transfer of media and their dissemination;
f) Maintaining the quality of the archives as a fundamental resource of administration;
g) Carrying out the right of preference, in representation of the region, as regards the sale of libraries and archives of cultural value;
h) Making endeavour to ensure that municipal councils and other public and privately owned entities holding documents with cultural value conveniently preserve and process the same according to standard inventory, classification and indexing rules;
i) Organising and promoting training initiatives aimed at improving the scientific, technical and professional skills of employees.
Article 12
Territorial scope
The public libraries and regional archives and their respective territorial catchment areas for document processing purposes are as follows:
a) Ponta Delgada Public Library and Regional Archives, which covers the islands of São Miguel and Santa Maria;
b) Angra do Heroísmo Public Library and Regional Archives, which covers the islands of Terceira, Graciosa and São Jorge;
c) Horta Public Library and Regional Archives, which covers the islands of Faial, Pico, Flores and Corvo.
Article 13
Internal regulations
1 - The internal organisation and operation of each one of the public libraries and archives is subject to the respective regulation, approved by Ordinance of the regional secretariat responsible for culture, taking into account the scope, dimension and location of the same.
2 - The internal regulations establish the opening hours, loan conditions, for home use or scientific use or publication and the prices to charge for the services, as well as exemptions to fees.
Article 14
Bodies and services
The public libraries and regional archives are run by a director and they possess a Library and Documentation Division and an Archives Division.
Article 15
Director's duties
The director is responsible for:
a) Fostering the adoption of the necessary measures to pursue the assigned purpose of the public library and regional archive;
b) Acquiring stock, according to the director's own criteria, and authorising the inclusion in the library, transfer and loan;
c) Managing the services, overseeing the activities and projects and representing the institution in public;
d) Ensuring the supervision and management of human and material resources assigned to the post, fostering the best use and development of the same;
e) Promoting and coordinating the drawing up of budgeted projects and monitoring their performance, as well as compliance with the activities' plan;
f) Issuing library-related economic, archive, cultural and administrative opinions that may be requested;
g) Fostering and providing stimulus to study visits and individual or collective work with teaching staff or students of any level, in collaboration with education establishments;
h) Representing the Regional Cultural Fund as a delegate of the respective management board.
• Law no. 2/2004, of 15 January
• Law no. 51/2005, of 30 August
• Powers delegated by the Regional Directorate for Culture

Constitutive Documents:


Regional Implementing Decree no. 13/2001/A, of 7 September (Articles 11 and 15) Article 11

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