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Agenda of the Lands of Priolo - October
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Gastronomic products

* Cozido
"Cozido das Furnas" is the most emblematic gastronomic dish of the island of São Miguel and a tourism product of great value. This rich and exquisite stew is composed of different sorts of meat, potatoes, vegetables and black pudding, all steamed in a pot wrapped in linen bags inside the fumarolic soils.  It can also be wrapped in cabbage leaves, which are wrapped in a thick cloth deposited in the pits next to the fumaroles. The cooking takes 5 to 6 hours depending on the temperature emanating from inside of the pit.

"Bacalhau à moda das Furnas" is also a typical gastronomic dish made in this natural kitchen.  Don’t miss the unique opportunity of tasting the delicious Furnas cuisine.

Capão is a small chicken that has been castrated in order to increase its levels of fat, which keeps the meat soft and extremely tasty.

The potential of this process was discovered, unintentionally, by the Romans  in the Antiquity. From what we know, they discovered it by castrating roosters, so they would stop crowing and loose interest  in females.  They would start eating more than usual and fatten considerably. The Romans also discovered that the sooner the castration was done, better the meat. The technique spread and Capão became a dish widely associated with festivities. 

Stuffed Capão is a traditional gastronomic dish from Nordeste, usually accompanied by diced or mashed potatoes, baked in the meat’s sauce. Although this gastronomic dish is usually not available on regular menus at restaurants, it can easily be ordered.  Enjoy your passage through Nordeste to taste this exquisite tradition.

*Bolos lêvedos
Originally cooked in Furnas, bolos lêvedos became an unavoidable reference of local gastronomy. Round, small, sweet and light, with a slightly browned crust, they are baked on a metal plate or frying pan dusted with flour. Traditionally, people ate bolos lêvedos during summer, with a glass of wine.

From a historical point of view, bolos lêvedos are a genuine production of "Vale das Furnas", with an economic impact associated with the opening of the Terra Nostra Hotel in 1935, becoming the hallmark of the Furnas breakfast.

Nowadays, they can be found all year round, simple or filled - with butter, jam, ham or different sorts of cheese. They are increasingly used in the menus of restaurants and often bear a collective mark of origin - " Azores Craft"-  which certifies the origin and quality of products.

While strolling through the village of Furnas, taste these small breads, truly characteristic of the area.

Fofas, a sweet delicacy of the village of Povoação, undoubtedly deserve special attention and not only for their attractive name (“fluffies”). A thin crusted sort of éclair, filled with vanilla cream and covered with chocolate, which make it quite impossible to eat just one.

Biscuits of the Lands of Priolo are made from flour, sugar, and milk and baked in the oven. The variety ranges from the cherished butter or coconut ones, to the famous cream biscuits. Enjoy your stay in the Lands of Priolo to indulge yourself.

*Papas Grossas
The Papas Grossas from the Lands of Priolo are greatly appreciated. They are made with broken or coarsely ground corn cobs turned into a dessert, very similar in taste and texture to pudding rice. Enjoy!

*Candy / Toffee
The Lands of Priolo also offer homemade toffees and candies. Among the various tastes of this widely appreciated treat are: coffee, toffee, milk, chocolate, coconut, lemon or even green tea, anise, eucalyptus and peppermint, lemon, fennel and honey. It is impossible to visit all this territory without tasting one of these delicacies at the very least!

Tigelada is a fairly typical dessert of the Lands of Priolo. Similar to milk pudding, this traditional dessert can be found all year round in many local restaurants.

Where can you purchase some of these products?

Cooperativa Celeiro da Terra
Estrada Regional da Lomba do Alcaide
9650 Povoação
Tel.: 296 559 244
Fax: 296 559 244

Emamuel Casado  
Mel e Doçaria Tradicional
Rua Água Quente 36G
9675-040 Furnas | Povoação
Tel.: 296 584 351
Fax: 296 584 351

Maria da Glória Moniz
Bolos Lêvedos Típicos das Furnas
Av. Victor Manuel Rodrigues 16
9675  Furnas | Povoação
Tel.: 296 584 570

Maria da Conceição Quental
Os Genuínos Bolos Lêvedos das Furnas
Rua de Sant´Ana 16A
9675-046 Furnas | Povoação
Tel.: 296 584 548 | 919 837 688 

Mercado das Caldeiras
Largo das Caldeiras
9675-045 Furnas | Povoação

Pastelaria Nélia Furtado
Rua dos Moinhos 24
9675-052 Furnas | Povoação
Tel.: 296 584 920 | 914 502 963

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