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Agenda of the Lands of Priolo - October
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Handmade products

*Textil crafts
Embroideries, handloom wool carpets, quilts and blankets, linen and patchwork, embellished work with yarns of different types… are crafts typical from the Lands of Priolo. Folk costumes are also traditionally made in this territory.

The flags of the Holy Spirit, covers and cushions of Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres are decorated with beads and bugle beads of different materials, sizes, shapes and glitter, as well as other materials, always with great thoroughness and attention to detail, which gives refinement and quality to the pieces.

These pieces of singular beauty can be admired both in craft fairs, craft shops or information kiosks.

*Fish scale
The Azorean islands, surrounded by the immense Atlantic Ocean, benefit greatly from the fishing industry, the most important of the economic activities. In addition to the economic benefits of this primary activity, the scales of fish quickly started to be used in the confection of various crafts.  Greatly creative artisans of the Lands of Priolo use the scales of different species of fish in their detailed crafts.  The design that characterizes the traditional ornamentation with fish scales are mainly flowers of different species and shapes, arranged  in a symmetrical or asymmetrical manner.

Although it is easier to find this type of craft in the villages by the sea, artisans all over the island work with this material.

Some of these products bear the collective mark of origin “Azores Craft" which certifies the origin and quality of products. Take a moment to admire the frames made from this material.

*Corn leaf
From early years, the Azorean people began producing crafts from vegetable fibers, decorative or utilitarian, always linked to a subsistence economy, where nothing was lost.

Among raw materials easily obtained in the natural environment, stand out: corn leaves, bulrush, reed and wheat straws -  used in the production of mats and matting, with traditional techniques such as braiding, interlace and spiral sewing.

Corn is used in the making of the traditional "corn leaf" dolls, where the whiter leaves are turned into clothes and beards used for the hair.

While visiting Nordeste, in the parish of Salga, do not miss the chance to admire and purchase these crafts, truly beautiful souvenirs of the region.

* Baskets
Most baskets are made from plant materials, such as osier. This art is associated t  very old techniques in order to create a wide variety of forms and be used  either for transporting agricultural products, domestic use  or in activities related to the sea.

As a tradition, in the parish of Furnas, osier baskets were dried in the natural fumaroles at elevated temperatures.  The fumarole of Vimes, in Chã das Caldeiras, was particularly notable in the making of such beautiful crafts. 

Regardless the fact that this tradition no longer exists in the parish, baskets of different shapes are sold near Chã das Caldeiras and Furnas Lake. Take the opportunity to admire this detailed artwork.

Where can you purchase some of these products?

A Folha de Milho
Rua de São João 178
9630-284 Salga | Nordeste
Tel.: 296 462 008

Associação Sol Nascente
Rua Direita 79
9630 Salga | Nordeste
Tel.: 296 462 500
Casa dos Moinhos - Artesanato
Ponte Nova 11
9650 Povoação
Tel.: 296 585 417 | 965 396 734

Casa do Trabalho do Nordeste
Estrada Regional 7
9630 Nordeste
Tel.: 296 488 448

Centro Comunitário de Inserção Social da Casa do Povo do Nordestinho
Centro Cultural Padre Manuel Raposo
Estrada Regional
9630 Santo António Nordestinho | Nordeste
Tel.: 296 486 092

Centro Municipal de Apoio ao Artesanato
Parque da Ribeira dos Caldeirões | Nordeste
Estrada Regional
9630 Achada | Nordeste
Tel.: 961 225 226

Cooperativa Celeiro da Terra
Estrada Regional da Lomba do Alcaide
9650 Povoação
Tel.: 296 559 244

Posto de Turismo da Povoação
9650 Povoação
Tel.: 296 559 050
Email: info.turismo@cm-povoaçã

Trabalhos em Escamas de Peixe
Albino Silva
9675 Ribeira Quente | Povoação

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