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It was in the village of Achadinha that the liberal troops landed, coming from the island of Terceira, in the final assault against the last Miguelist redoubt in the Azores. This took place on August 1, 1831. It is said that the population of the village was hostile to the liberal forces. A monument, known as "Padrão das Almas" was raised in 1957 in memory of the victims of this historic event, and it contains a tile taken from a small chapel dedicated to São Bento. This chapel existed previously on the site where today stands the Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário.

Achadinha was also the crib for several renowned names of literature, such as João de Melo and Adelaide Freitas. In honor of the novelist João de Melo, the municipality restored an old family dwelling into a Cultural Centre.

One of the old rural paths that connected Achadinha to the neighbouring parishes, is now recovered and constitutes a very sought-after walking trail known as "Terras de Nosso Senhor".  This trail is one of the various attractive points found in the locality, adding to traditional gastronomy, that you can appreciate in local restaurants.

The name of this village comes from the fact that Achadinha is smaller than the parish of Achada. Nowadays, Achadinha has about 535 inhabitants.

What to see in this parish:

*Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário
This building dates back to the XVI century, like many others in this municipality. The church was remodeled in 1830 and later in 1882, date inscribed on the façade of the church. Here, there used to be a small chapel dedicated to São Bento, built before 1735.

*Triatos of the Holy Spirit
“Triatos of the Holy Spirit” are constructions associated with the festivities in honor of the Holy Spirit, intended to display the symbols of the Holy Spirit, including the royal crown surmounted by a dove, flag, scepter, traditional masts. They are built in a rectangular one floor plan. Located on Rua do Burguete,  it presents a tiled roof and is surmounted by a small cross in stone.

The fountains played a very important role in people's daily life. In a not so distant past, there were no sources of tap water to supply of several localities. In Achadinha, five fountains can be found:

1. Located on Rua Direita, close to Padrão das Almas. White painted structure, with a gray frame, arc-shaped.
2. Located on Rua Direita, inserted in a recess of a stone wall.
3. Located on Rua Direita, inserted in a recess of a stone Wall.
4. Located on Rua da Mangana, white fountain with gray frame and basalt basin.
5. Located on Rua do Burguete, white fountain with gray frame and basalt basin.


* Bandstand
The bandstand is used to shelter music bands during concerts, festivals and other events.  It is a symbol of celebration and remains, to this day, an important stage for performances to many communities.  It is located opposite to the Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário and presents a tiled roof.

*Monumento - Desembarque das Tropas
Basaltic rock obelisk built in honor of the liberal troops that landed in the parish of Achadinha under the command of Conde de Vila Flor on August 1, 1831,  during the Portuguese Civil War (1828-1834).

*Padrão das Almas
Historical monument erected in 1957, that bears a tile of the ancient chapel dedicated to São Bento. This chapel existed where today stands the Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário. This structure is located on Rua Direita.

*Viewpoint of Pesqueiro
From this viewpoint one has a stunning panoramic view over the coastal high rocky cliffs and wide views of the sea. It was here that the liberals troops coming from the island of Terceira landed under the command of the Conde de Vila Flor (future Duke of Terceira), who participated in the final assault against the absolutist government of King D. Miguel. This historical event took place on August 1, 1831.  History tells that the liberal troops were poorly received by the population of Achadinha.

*Public Garden of Alminhas
Opened in 1989 as part of the celebrations of the 475th anniversary of the county of Nordeste.  Here, a basalt monument symbolizes the landing of Liberal troops in Achadinha.

*Public Garden of Boavista
Located across Rua da Mangana, it was inaugurated on November 25, 2001.  This small space with unpaved  paths, benches, lawns and flowerbeds  is surrounded by New Zealand’s Christmas Tree and palm trees.

*Picnic park of Pesqueiro
Located on the site of Pesqueiro, the picnic park provides shade, grill, table and benches in stone.

*Bathing Area of Moinhos das Relvas
Bathing area with restricted use, where the bathing use is not significant.

*Culture House of João de Melo
The Cultural House of João de Melo, is the former home of the write’s parents, adapted by the City Council into a cultural centre.  It welcomes entities related to culture when they visit the county or the island during cultural events and also displays artifacts and memories of the parish. Located on Rua da Mangana.

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