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Água Retorta

According to Gaspar Frutuoso, the name of the village "Água Retorta" honors "the water that  falls from the rocks”. This charming village, with about 489 inhabitants, is located about 14km from the county of Nordeste.  Here, one can find beautiful natural landscapes, a delightful Recreation Forest Park and a rich architectural  ensemble, including the church dedicated to the village’s patron saint: Nossa Senhora da Penha de França.

During summer, Fajã do Calhau is a pleasant location where many enjoy their vacation homes, especially during the time of harvest.  During winter, this location is popular for the slaughter of pigs. Hence, the local gastronomy being closely linked to this feast. Among the traditional dishes: liver sauce, "desfeito", spicy sausage, barbecue blood sausage and the famous fried liver.

What to see in this parish:

* Church of Nossa Senhora da Penha de França
Church built during the last quarter of the 19th century.  It belonged to the parish of Faial da Terra until the 19th century. It has an imposing façade with a clock in the pediment, flanked by inscriptions "NSPF" and "1872".

* "Alminhas" 
“Alminhas" are artistic and religious heritage that occupy strategic points in the parishes. Are signs of religious experience and the physical experience of the territory.
The two "alminhas" found in this parish are located on the Regional Road, next to the Picnic Park of the Viewpoint of Água Retorta, on the outset of Lomba das Fagundas.


* Triatos of the Holy Spirit
Triatos of the Holy Spirit” are constructions associated with the festivities in honor of the Holy Spirit, intended to display the symbols of the Holy Spirit, including the royal crown surmounted by a dove, flag, scepter, traditional masts. They are built in a rectangular one floor plan. There are four Triatos in Água Retorta:

1. Located in the Public Garden of Água Retorta. The sidewalk is decorated in Portuguese  style,   displaying crowns of the Holy Spirit.
2. Located on Rua Direita.
3. Located on Rua Direita
4. Located on Lomba das Fagundas. The door is arc-shaped and  bears  one of the symbols of the Holy Spirit, the dove.


* Fountains
The fountains played a very important role in people's daily life. In a not too distant past, there were no sources of tap water to supply several localities. There are seven fountains in Água Retorta:

1. Located opposite of the church, at Largo Dr. Weber Machado Pereira. It bears the following inscriptions on its  façade: "1893" and "OP". Features two overlapping basins, the smaller being located near the floor.
2. Located on the outset of Lomba Fagundas, this rectangular structure bears the inscriptions "1968" and "CM".
3. Located on Rua do Marco. The structure is shaped like a quadrangular prism, white, with a basaltic rock frame and the inscriptions "1891" and "OP". There are traces of a second recessed basin just above the pavement.
4. Located on Caminho da Lomba das Fagundas.  It is inscribed with the date "1967". It is a "niche" type structure.
5. Located in Lomba Fagundas, on Caminho da Lomba. It is ornamented with a tile panel bearing rhymes about the fountain.
6. Located on Rua Direita. The structure is white with a gray frame.
7. Located in the Public Garden of Água Retorta, adorned with tiles depicting cultural aspects of the parish.


* Bandstand

The bandstand is used to shelter music bands during concerts, festivals and other events.  It is a symbol of celebration and remains, to this day, an important stage for performances to many communities. Located inside the Public Garden of Água Retorta, decorated with portuguese tiles. Presents a tiled roof and a music symbol on top.

* Viewpoint of Água Retorta
Situated on the Regional Road, it offers a beautiful panoramic view of the village, surrounding villages and the sea.

* Public Garden of Água Retorta
Located on Rua do Marco, with paved paths, flowerbeds, trees to provide shade, benches, a playground, a bandstand, a fountain with the structure of a crown of the Holy Spirit, the Triato of the Holy Spirit and a fountain.

* Recreational Forest Reserve of Água Retorta
Recreational Forest Reserve located on the Regional Road, which connects the town of Nordeste to Povoação. Throughout its 15ha, one will find a rich botanical estate of endemic and exotic hardwoods and softwoods. The reserve is equipped with restrooms, a picnic area, a playground, an area of exposure of animals and a Natural Camping Park, a pilot project in São Miguel.

* Picnic Park Recreational Forest Reserve of Água Retorta
The Forest Reserve of Água Retorta has a picnic area equiped with tables, some sheltered, benches and grills.

* Picnic Park of the Viewpoint of Água Retorta
Recreational area, located on the slope of the Viewpoint of Água Retorta, equipped with two haystacks, grills, restrooms, tables and benches in stone. The picnic area is surrounded with azaleas and boxwood hedges.

* Picnic Parks from Estrada Regional
Recreation area is located along  the Regional Road and is equipped with haystacks, grills, tables and benches in stone.


* Natural Camping Park in the Recreation Forest Reserve of Água Retorta
Camping park integrated in the Forest and Natural area. One will find lots (with enough space for 2 tents), tables, grill, fire pit and firewood zone. Located in the vicinity of two urban centers and six hiking trails. Besides the infrastructure of the Reserve, there is a dry latrine.

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