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Regional Investment Strategy - Call for stakeholder input

Given the critical areas for action defined within the Ecosystem Profile:
• Baseline data collection & species threat assessment
• Creating (Madeira) and improving (Azores) Biodiversity Databanks
• Invasive Alien Species control and eradication
• Conservation and recovery plans for native species
• Creation of Plant Micro-Reserves in areas of severely fragmented habitats
• Mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services
• Information and environmental awareness campaigns
• Priority conservation actions addressing specific taxonomic groups and taxa

Considering the geographic priority areas:
• Azores
• Canaries
• Madeira

Considering the BEST 2.0 financing scheme that envisages 3 types of grants to support conservation projects:
• swift (<50.000€)
• small (50.000€-100.000€)
• medium (100.000€-400.000€)

The Macaronesian Hub team is now collecting project proposals from all stakeholders to include in the Regional Investment Strategy (RIS) that is being prepared and that will be discussed in the High Level BEST Conference that will take place in Brussels on March 8, 2017.

Please provide your contribution using this template form.





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