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Draft version of the Regional Investment Strategy
The first draft version of the RIS (Regional Investment Strategy) will be sent this week to the stakeholders, so that they can improve it with their additions and comments. We particularly welcome (i) corrections and/or additions to the information on each entity and (ii) new project proposals in thematic priorities with less offers. Please send your contribution to the Macaronesian Hub coordina... Mais »
Regional Investment Strategy - Call for stakeholder input
Given the critical areas for action defined within the Ecosystem Profile:• Baseline data collection & species threat assessment• Creating (Madeira) and improving (Azores) Biodiversity Databanks• Invasive Alien Species control and eradication• Conservation and recovery plans for native species• Creation of Plant Micro-Reserves in areas of severely fragmented habitats&#... Mais »
Final version of the Ecosystem Profile for Macaronesia
The final version of Macaronesia EP has been submitted to the European Commission and is now available for download in the official BEST III website. This document is also available in our DOCUMENTS tab. The BEST III Macaronesian Hub team thanks all those who contributed for this deliverable. Mais »
Macaronesia Ecosystem Profile for public discussion
Car@ interessad@ no projeto BEST III, O Polo da Macaronésia terminou o levantamento da informação disponível sobre a distribuição das espécies ameaçadas. Com base na mesma e num processo participado por investigadores, representantes dos governos regionais e membros de organizações da sociedade civil, foi elaborada uma proposta de Áreas Ch... Mais »
Prioritized KBAs available in the Macaronesian Geoportal
After the second round of stakeholder consultations in the three archipelagos (Azores, Canaries and Madeira), the Macaronesian Hub team has dedicated some effort to redefining the KBAs according to the new inputs received from stakeholders. Furthermore, according to the priorization criteria adopted, and after consulting with the stakeholders, KBAs were prioritized and made publicly available at ... Mais »
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